Grind Your Coffee the Old Fashioned Way

Th manual coffee grinders are having a bit of a renaissance in recent years. Why? Several reasons. People use them for a dual purpose: grinding coffee and as art pieces. They are made to be aesthetically pleasing so owners like to display them in their kitchens. Another reason is that you can use them anywhere since there is no need for electricity for power. Lastly, since it is hand power, you can grind the coffee beans as finely as you want and always get a nice, consistent grind.
The Kyocera Ceramic manual coffee grinder is often rated as the number one product in its class. The grinding mechanism is the hardest on the market and can also be used to grind up things like salt and pepper.
The Hario MSS-1B is a can’t miss coffee grinder due to its size and ease of use. The mortar is ceramic and is a breeze to clean. And you never have to worry about it rusting, which is a huge plus in this day of products that only last for two years.